Tactotek Expands Product Portfolio and Updates Existing Products to Version 2210.00

Tactotek Expands Product Portfolio and Updates Existing Products to Version 2210.00

IMSE Designer® and IMSE Builder® are the packages TactoTek offers to its licensees, enabling them design, manufacture, and promote IMSE technology independently and qualify them to manufacture smart 3D surfaces. The June 2022 release significantly updated both these packages with new design rules, materials and an enhanced set of verified components. 

The newest release – version 2210.00 – now expands the offering by adding a third element: IMSE Reference Design. IMSE Reference Design provides application-specific designs that provide IMSE technology-based solutions to enable licensees to adapt and apply them. 

The first IMSE Reference Design, the MESA IMSE Controller, includes product updates in the form of design guidelines, material, &  stack updates, and enables smart human machine interfaces for automotive, industrial control and other market segments. 

Additionally, this product release includes new sections and updates on:

  • New illumination design methods and principles for 3D area surface light development; 
  • Design methods, and principles for optimizing  light leakage for 3D surface light; 
  • Updates on mechanical and manufacturing tool design methods and analysis;
  • An improved method, design, and manufacturing guidelines for dielectric layers design
  • Material and Stack: 
    ◦ Updates to material stack characteristics;
    ◦ Reference tables to select applicable material stack and materials;
    ◦ Introduction of IMSE material stack verification platform;
    ◦ New manufacturing process breakdown to support improved dielectric solution

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Risto Putila
Risto Putila
Head of Product Planning