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Bring your brand to life with illuminated emblems


Let light take center stage. Experience superior lighting performance in a revolutionary, space-saving design.

Elevate your brand with light. Make it visible, make it personal, whatever best serves your vision. Free from design restrictions.


Introduce illuminated
brand elements
on any surface - informing, responsive and dynamic light.

Light integrations designed with In-Mold Structural Electronics, IMSE, are thin and lightweight. Enabling 5000 cd/m2 brightness and uniformity of 70% or higher.


Elegant, robust, and brilliant light performance in one slim package.

IMSE delivers crisp, uniform, and bright light in a single-piece, seamless electronic solution as thin as 4-8mm. Waterproof and versatile for interior and exterior.

Unleash the power of illuminated branding. Brighter, thinner, and infinitely customizable emblems await.

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