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IMSE® Days 6.0 on October 8-10, 2024
IMSE Days is a forward-thinking smart surfaces event, ready for its sixth edition in Oulu, Finland, this autumn. Join us and be Enlightened!
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Let Smart Surface

Set your imagination free and create unique user experiences with the help of sustainable smart molded structures.


design barriers

Revolutionizing how human-
machine interfaces are designed, manufactured, and experienced.


Improve your

Meet your sustainability goals by reducing complexity, saving resources, and eliminating unnecessary waste.

our sustainability effort
Before After

Imagine intelligence on any surface

Turn conventional structures into smart, natural, and interactive surfaces. Discover how to improve user experiences with invisible intelligence and seamlessly integrated technology.

Mesa IMSE® Controller
How it works

Dream big

Set your imagination free and create seamlessly integrated and intelligent surfaces.


Simplify for Efficiency

Save resources by minimizing complexity and cutting waste.


Build sustainably

Save resources by reducing complexity and streamlining manufacturing.


We believe that improved customer experiences should not come at the expense of the environment.


Join us on our mission to significantly improve the environmental performances of structural electronics.

Reduce the use of plastic resins
and petrochemical products