Launch of new product release for IMSE Designer® and IMSE Builder®

Launch of new product release for IMSE Designer® and IMSE Builder®

As part of our licenses, we offer IMSE Designer and IMSE Builder to our licensees, enabling them to independently design, manufacture, and promote IMSE® parts. 

IMSE Designer and IMSE Builder qualify our licensees to manufacture smart 3D surfaces using IMSE technology. IMSE Designer includes design concepts and guidelines to allow design teams of OEMs, brands, and professional specialty firms to bring innovative designs and human-machine interface concepts to life. 

IMSE Builder provides the opportunity for manufacturers to produce and manufacture IMSE parts. This package provides the licensee the know-how to manufacture the designs, test and verify, and produce quality IMSE products. 

The new release – version 2206.00 – of  IMSE Designer and Builder is a significant upgrade to the previous release and includes over 18 months of product updates in the form of design guidelines, material and stack updates, and brings new concepts for the development of smart applications. 

This combined update includes over 140 new updates added, including new sections and updates covering the following topics:

  • Updates on electrical design, mechanical design, part methods, and materials
  • Updated principles for illumination design incl. LED placement and HTL application design
  • Thermal design
  • Impedance and Inductance design:
    ◦ Understand how IMSE resistance impacts impedance
    ◦ Updates to design principles on Cap sensor design 
  • Improved guidelines for mechanical design flow:
    ◦ Understand similarities and differences of tolerance sources and effects on IMSE parts compared to standard FIM/IML parts
    ◦ Design insight into the function and production feasibility with different sizes of parts, features, and LEDs
    ◦ Design with set tolerance targets (both production steps and end goals)
    ◦ Methods on how to measure and improve alignment accuracy of two-film structures
  • Material and Stack: 
    ◦ New sustainable resins from Covestro 
    ◦ Introduction of new ink from Henkel 
  • Manufacturing guidelines update: 
    ◦ manufacturing testing updates
    ◦ support for recyclable injection molding resins, a new material stack (MSD 007_B)

Contact us for more information on Designer and Builder and how to get access.

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