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TactoTek® works with partners across the value chain to consult, advise, and support brand owners and their suppliers, helping them realize the very best capabilities of IMSE® technology. The sharing value and transferring of knowledge and information for ecosystem partners can help realize how costs and manufacturing can be streamlined to the fullest extent.

This ecosystem spans suppliers of materials and electronics that comprise IMSE parts, contract design and manufacturing entities, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and brands. It is in the interest of materials and component vendors to help build the IMSE market, which is why many work in partnership with TactoTek to develop the market and optimize their products to support the simplified manufacturing techniques and processing IMSE offers. IMSE technology only uses REACH, RoHS, and Conflict Mineral compliant materials and components for verified material stacks and structures.

Suppliers of Materials and Electronics

TactoTek IMSE parts include in-mold labeling (IML) film, plastic resins, conductive ink, connectors, and electronic components, and most also include decorative ink and printed insulators (dielectric material), the latter to enable multi-layer circuit patterns.

Electronics such as LEDs, microprocessors, LED and touch controllers, accelerometers, etc., are standard components and the same parts used in traditional electronics designs, including on standard printed circuit boards (PCBs.)

Design Partners

TactoTek is partnering with specialty design firms with close relationships with OEMs that extend to OEM designers and stylists.


Manufacturing partners are preparing for IMSE technology adoption. Some work directly with TactoTek to develop new designs to shop for their OEM customers on their initiative; some are identified by OEMs as prospective TactoTek-licensed mass production suppliers when TactoTek has worked directly with an OEM to develop a prototype.


TactoTek works directly with OEMs to expand awareness of IMSE solutions, accelerate IMSE technology ‘design in’ for new products, and shift the choice of IMSE technology from the current supply chain for which IMSE technology is disruptive to legacy operations to the OEM that receives the bulk of IMSE benefits.

Network of trusted partners

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