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Embrace an environmentally conscious lifecycle

Improve your environmental performance by reducing complexity, saving resources, and eliminating waste across the complete lifecycle of smart surfaces.

IMSE® outperforms conventional electronics manufacturing methods - reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by up to

Let us help you meet
your sustainablity goals


Benefiting from simulated design processes and reduced material use, smart surfaces are up to 70% lighter in mass, leading to significant lifetime GHG reductions.

Replacing conventional multi-part assembly electronics with seamless forms, encapsulated electronics, and components in a one-piece structure.

Environmental impact

Quantified improvement across 11 different environmental impact categories.

Measured environmental impact categories ranging from Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Acidification and Nature Occuptation.


Additive manufacturing processes lead to reduced assembly and 80% fewer manufacturing tools.

Complex multi-step manufacturing processes of conventional electronics are turned into a four-step process, following industry standards.


Production of IMSE parts leads to leaner logistics through a reduction in materials and fewer manufacturing locations.

The required transportation volume and mass are significantly reduced.

Materials and components

A seamless one-piece smart structure replaces multi-part assemblies and uses up to 70% less plastics.

IMSE mass manufacturing reduces the use of plastic resins and petrochemical products.

Our ambition is to be 100% recyclable using novel recycling and recovery technologies.

Together with our partners we are shifting the industry toward a circular economy.


100% recyclable by recovering high-value materials using mature recycling and recovery methods.

Dismantlable structures and Pyrolysis to extract valuable materials enable econimically viable recycling of IMSE parts.

"Fitting intelligence, features and user benefits into thin, durable surfaces in an environmentally friendly manner, is what keeps us pushing the envelope"

Join us on our mission.
Together we can transform how smart interfaces are designed, manufactured and experienced.