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TactoTek® IMSE® in Home Appliances

TactoTek® IMSE® in Home Appliances

Injection Molded Structural Electronics for Home Appliances

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) in home appliances is used to communicate essential information to the user and to provide the user with means of controlling key appliance functions. A cost-effective, appealing, and intuitive HMI helps brands to stand out from their competition. In this case study we explain IMSE benefits for home appliance HMIs, illustrate TactoTek’s IMSE technology industrialization process, and provide an overview of IMSE design and manufacturing methods. In the appendix we present a conceptual design example for a refrigerator HMI.

The case study contains:

  • Challenges faced with Conventional Electro-Mechanical Structure 
  • IMSE® in Nutshell
  • Solving the Appliance HMI Challenges with IMSE
  • Refrigerator HMI Design Example

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