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TactoTek® has an extensive record of working with global brands and OEMs to realize their design vision using IMSE® technology. TactoTek works with you to adapt your design visions into IMSE and helps to reap all the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

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Design Services

TactoTek design and manufacturing services range from early ideas and concepts to more advanced UX design concepts.

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Because IMSE designs integrate mechanical structures and electrical functions into a single part, they have unique design requirements that differ from those of traditional electronics. This means that designing functional, reliable, cost-effective, sustainable, and mass-producible IMSE parts requires specialized knowledge across multiple engineering disciplines. This involves design specialists for industrial, graphical, mechanical, electrical, antenna, illumination, sustainability, materials, reliability, and embedded software aspects for a part.

We utilize a simulation-based design process that avoids the costly and time-consuming process of multiple physical prototyping cycles. Increasingly, TactoTek is partnering with specialty design firms that have close relationships with OEMs that extend to OEM designers and stylists. TactoTek’s partnership with Lightworks GmbH, an illumination design, and engineering firm, is an example of this type of symbiotic relationship. This ecosystem of IMSE designers is available to the network partners. We are experts in IMSE design and engineering at your service.

Design and function

Reference Designs

For inspiration and serving as tangible starting points for new IMSE projects, TactoTek provides Reference Designs that represent targeted use cases of unique solutions made possible by IMSE technology.

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With Reference Designs, the multidisciplinary design flow is explained step-by-step, and the necessary assets are shared. The final deliverable can be taken all the way to the beautiful functioning physical 3D IMSE part.

Reference Design delivery contains everything needed to start creating, for example, a description and rationale of its design and functions, as well as all the necessary design files and technical documentation. This provides an ideal starting point for new IMSE designs and a learning tool of multifaceted technology.

IMSE Reference Designs enable the novel solutions a fast track to market.

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Our team is happy to help you. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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