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Engineering Release and Pre-Production

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IMSE Builder® is offered to manufacturers who will produce IMSE parts. IMSE Builder is a comprehensive package of intellectual property and know-how for IMSE part manufacture, test, and quality assurance. It is complemented by a structured knowledge transfer process that includes documentation and in-person hands-on training using a predefined training part to be produced in the mass production line at TactoTek®.

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IMSE Builder

For each IMSE Builder licensee, TactoTek engages in a hands-on knowledge transfer process. Because each customer brings a different combination of expertise, training is tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Knowledge transfer includes producing IMSE parts at TactoTek and at the customer’s facility.


IMSE Builder deliverables include:

  • Instructions for IMSE part manufacturing
  • Instructions for IMSE part production testing
  • Quality assurance guidelines including the essential controls and risks management actions
  • TactoTek validated materials and electronic components library
  • Reference process layout, equipment and conditions description
  • General materials to support licensee sales of IMSE parts to their prospects, including IMSE promotional materials and costing methodologies

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Our team is happy to help you. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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