TactoTek® Online Expands with IMSE® Digital Tools and More

TactoTek® Online Expands with IMSE® Digital Tools and More

We are excited to announce a brand new release - version 2306.00 - of content in TactoTek Online. With the release, we are launching a new product portfolio: IMSE® Digital Tools, which will build into a toolkit of interactive, browser-based tools and design software plug-ins. Release 2306.00 provides TactoTek Online users with the means to verify the applicability of IMSE for their solution and introduces IMSE’s capability in Aviation Interior applications through a new Reference Design. As highlights of the release, our licensees now have access to:

1. IMSE® Feasibility Analysis Toolkit (the first section of IMSE® Digital Tools)

  • IMSE® Applicability Tool
  • IMSE® Platform Selection Tool

2. Sky - Passenger Service Unit (PSU) Reference Design for the Aviation Interior Industry

3. Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) compliant Material Stack for the 2FPC Platform

IMSE® Feasibility Analysis Toolkit - The First Checkpoint

The IMSE® Applicability Tool will be the first stop when starting an IMSE project. The tool guides the user through questions about the use case, application, technical requirements and tool considerations, among others. By answering these questions, the user receives an approximation of the feasibility of the intended IMSE use case and highlights of any issues that should be reconsidered.

This tool provides a preliminary verification for the applicability of IMSE in the intended use case. The results help to iron out any possible problems with regard to the current design stage, electrical system, mechanical design and functionality requirements already in the beginning of the design process.

Additionally, the IMSE® Platform Selection Tool supports in defining which Technology Platform best suits the planned application. When selecting the correct Platform, the main factorsare light features, connector interface and part assembly requirements. After finding the most suitable platform, the concepting and design work can begin!

Sky Reference Design - Unlocking the Aviation Interior Industry

The third addition to our Reference Design Library is Sky.

Sky is a Reference Design for the Aviation Interior Industry that demonstrates how IMSE® can be applied as a Passenger Service Unit. As with all of our Reference Designs, we provide access to the total design workflow, including all of the necessary documentation and design files to further inspire you in your IMSE journey.

The Sky Reference Design features:

  • IMSE® LightChannels Technology Platform for crisp and clear illumination and indicators
  • Industry Standard mechanical fixing possibilities
  • A new take on Airplane Interior Design opportunities with IMSE

In addition to the Sky Reference Design, we are releasing an FST Material Stack, verified for use with IMSE. At this stage, the material stack is available for the 2FPC Technology Platform and we will be releasing FST-compliant materials for the LightChannels Technology Platform in the near future.

We are continuously expanding the Reference Design Library. The next Reference Designs are already being designed; with a focus on the automotive market.

Lift off!

In conclusion, this release marks another significant step forward in the evolution of IMSE technology. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and innovation, and we are excited to have you join us on this remarkable journey. Explore the Sky Reference Design, leverage the FST-Compliant Material Stack, and utilize the IMSE Applicability Tool as you embark on your own IMSE projects. The possibilities are endless, and we cannot wait to witness the groundbreaking designs created with IMSE by our customers. Together, let's shape a future where IMSE transforms industries and enhances lives.

If your organization doesn't yet have a license, contact us and we'll get you started.

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