Introducing TactoTek® Online - Your Portal to IMSE®

Introducing TactoTek® Online - Your Portal to IMSE®

An easy-to-access portal for accessing any product or service is essential for enhanced customer experience. We are proud to announce TactoTek® Online, a browser-based portal where you can access all of TactoTek’s products and services. TactoTek® Online is your gateway to our IP and know-how accumulated over years of expertise within In-Mold Structural Electronics. It provides you with guidance on how to design and manufacture IMSE® technology-based solutions using our verified materials, components, and validated design rules. The portal also provides a one-stop-shop to access all our content, including knowledge base, our training platform IMSE® Trainer and example designs built by us and our partners.

From Old to New

TactoTek’s customers are familiar with our Confluece-based product access solution, which we have now changed to a bespoke, browser-based portal. TactoTek® Online provides our customers with powerful and intuitive tools for searching, bookmarking, and returning to their favorite content. The changes do not end there, as we have also made it easier to access IMSE® Trainer, a learning service where you can learn designing with IMSE through educative videos.

Logging in

Logging in to TactoTek Online is done easily through our website, tactotek.com. To log in, you use your own work email account and have access to the content included in your license package.

Seeing is Believing

I am sure you want to see more, who would not. Not only do we create innovative technology that makes design stand out and makes the world greener, but we are also now making it easier to use.  So, we invite you on a tour of TactoTek® Online in our upcoming webinar. The webinar will air on the 8th of March, and you can sign-up to participate here.

Exciting! What are you waiting for? Contact us at sales@tactotek.com for a trial license.

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Janne Jääskä
Janne Jääskä
Manager, Sustainability and Product Planning