IMSE® Days 5.0 - Key Highlights

IMSE® Days 5.0 - Key Highlights

104 external participants, over eight sessions, 2000+ mindshare hours – IMSE Days 5.0 “Lift Off” showcased the power of ecosystems. In-Mold Structural Electronics (IMSE) is an intelligent printed electronics technique that enables brands to stand out in the chaotic and noisy world. With pathbreaking designs, integrating electronics and plastics, smart surfaces with IMSE bring intelligence to any structure by digitizing plastics. IMSE Days 5.0 illustrated the best of what our technology, coupled with eco-system partners, can offer to the world and consumers, enhancing their experience and improving customer delight.

TactoTek CEO presenting at IMSE Days 5.0
TactoTek CEO Jussi Harvela at IMSE® Days 5.0

The just concluded event included Keynote sessions from major automotive OEMs, and had themed sessions on “Light as the UX” and “Sustainable Mobility”, with over 18 featured presentations from the ecosystem of OEMs, Licensees, Tiers, Engineering Partners, Design houses, Manufacturing, and Research partners.

With a global participation spanning the world, the 104 external attendees included people from far and beyond – USA, Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan, to name a few. The program included talks, joint exercises, a sustainability workshop, and a visit to our new IMSE Experience Center and Technology Development Lab.

IMSE® Days 5.0 Audience
The international audience at IMSE® Days 5.0 represented a range of companies from different levels of the IMSE ecosystem

With a solid track of technology maturity behind us, this year's talks and messages featured applications. Notable highlights include:

  1. Technology readiness level 5 acceptance by the automotive ecosystem
  2. Approaches towards a serial application by a Premium automotive brand
  3. Development and showcasing of an Illuminated Emblem with our engineering partner csi entwicklungstechnic to be released as a reference design
  4. An interactive workshop on sustainability featuring multiple stakeholder participants across OEMs, Tiers, Regulators, Material and Component Providers as well as Consumers
  5. Unveiling design workflow with Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tools, including the IMSE Feature Library and Thermoforming Simulation Tools

Building on the “Let Light Live™” theme, several new concepts were showcased. These concepts include the LightChannels™ Platform with its applications towards Automotive HMI built by our partner HSL srl., multi-market applications in the form of an Illuminated Emblem, large applications like an intelligent front grill developed by Covestro AG, and the advancement of haptic control by Kyocera.

People exploring an intelligent front grill with IMSE® integration
The intelligent front grill developed by Covestro AG showcases a large application with IMSE® integration

TactoTek also announced new products, including the IMSE Feasibility Analysis Tool, IMSE Feature Library, a High-Performance Thermoforming Simulation package, and new reference designs for aviation and automotive markets. The event also welcomed new engineering partners - Evo Gmbh, SP3 Gmbh; manufacturing partners HSL, BeLink and TracXon; recycling partners Kat-Metal Oy, and URT Inc.; and sustainability research partner – Holst Centre.

IMSE Days is primarily a networking event where we embody the power of the many. In this edition, we enabled connections across the industry to demonstrate that IMSE technology is not just validated but accepted by a wide range of partners to create different applications. So what are you waiting for?

Welcome back next year. With a “lift off” this year, our journey to the stars has started. We welcome you to be a part of it. To ensure that you stand in the know and receive the invitation timely, we recommend signing up for our newsletter.

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