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TactoTek® announces IMSE® LightChannels, a Light Platform that advances illumination performance

TactoTek® announces IMSE® LightChannels, a Light Platform that advances illumination performance

TactoTek® announces IMSE® LightChannels, a Light Platform that advances the illumination performance for function, styling, and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

  • TactoTek® has announced IMSE® LightChannels, an advanced light platform for function, styling, and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) that uses injected light sources to create programmable light structures.
  • The platform offers superior light uniformity, intensity, color mixing, and cost benefits by reducing the bill-of-materials, and reducing packaging space compared to traditional electronics manufacturing and existing Film-Insert-Molding techniques.
  • The platform will be available in the upcoming February release of IMSE® Designer, and TactoTek plans to continue updating it to enable a wide range of applications using programmable digital plastics.

Oulu, Finland – Finnish In-Mold Structural Electronics (IMSE) pioneer TactoTek introduces IMSE LightChannels, a new light platform that revolutionizes lighting performance. With its advanced programmable light structures, IMSE LightChannels is a transformative solution for illumination features that inform, delight, and guide interaction.

IMSE LightChannels is built using sources of injected light. It controls light along injection molded channels to create stunning light zones with superior light output, uniformity, and color mixing while eliminating unwanted light bleed. Like all IMSE solutions, IMSE LightChannels structures are extremely thin, eliminate air gaps, and simplify construction.

In addition to its superior light performance, IMSE LightChannels also offers significant cost advantages over traditional electronics and smart surface construction techniques by optimizing BoM and eliminating separate illumination structures. It's a versatile platform that can scale to different market segments that require dense, clear light-based HMIs.

“What TactoTek has achieved with IMSE LightChannels is already resonating with many automotive OEMs,” said Michael Höfgen, CEO of Lightworks GmbH “achieving bright, even illumination while controlling unwanted light travel is often very difficult and can require very complex structures. IMSE LightChannels achieves these results in a solution that’s elegant in its simplicity and economy.”

“IMSE LightChannels is part of our Let Light LiveTM strategy. We are bringing our newer platforms that can create programmable interfaces with light features that indicate, inform, and interact, exploring new ways of connecting with the users. With IMSE technology, these structures can be thin and simple, and because it enhances sustainability, the technology enables designers to freely create surfaces that are both smart and sustainable,” states Karthikesh Raju, SVP Product Management and Marketing at TactoTek.  

IMSE LightChannels platform supports up to seven different types of dynamic and static illumination features, including closely-spaced illuminated icons, text and emblems, light lines, and illuminated surfaces, along with durable, application-specific mounting features.

Don't miss out on this game-changing technology! The IMSE LightChannels platform will be included in the February 2023 release of IMSE Designer, which is part of TactoTek’s offering to its licensees. This platform will be continuously updated to enable a wide range of applications using innovations for user interfaces differentiated with light. Be the first to experience the future of light-based HMIs with IMSE LightChannels by booking an introductory session with TactoTek.

Injection molded channels controlling light within an IMSE part.
First shot of Injection-molded light channels controlling light inside the IMSE part structure.

Backside of the IMSE LightChannels demonstrator.
The backside of the IMSE LightChannels demonstrator after second shot of injection-molding.

About TactoTek

TactoTek is the leading provider of Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE®) solutions that integrate printed circuitry and electronic components into 3D injection molded smart surfaces. Leading IMSE use cases include human-machine interfaces (HMI), connectivity, and electronic styling features for automotive, smart homes, appliances, and other markets. IMSE outperforms conventional electronics manufacturing methods by reducing Greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Benefiting from simulated design processes and reduced material use, IMSE Designed smart surfaces are considerably lighter in mass, leading to substantial lifetime greenhouse gas reductions. TactoTek develops and industrializes IMSE technology, creates mass production-ready IMSE prototypes, and licenses IMSE technology for 3rd party IMSE part design and global mass production.

TactoTek is funded by international leaders in finance and industry committed to advancing technology solutions that benefit consumers and the environment. TactoTek investors include Conor Venture Partners, 3M Ventures, Repsol Energy Ventures, Faurecia Ventures, Voima Ventures, Tesi, Nidoco AB, and Cornes. For more information, please visit tactotek.com.

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