IMSE® enables Greener Electronics

IMSE® enables Greener Electronics

Material (in)efficiency

Conventional electronics that apply the conventional PCB-in-a-box principle for their structures use an abundance of materials to create a part with a certain set of functions. Mechanical switches, light guides and other necessary structural components require a relatively large amount of different plastics and metals. This inefficiency is not sustainable from a material usage standpoint and it requires more from the logistics and supply chain, as well.

IMSE technologies can reduce the size and mass of an electronic assembly significantly - by up to 75% - therefore, we can say with confidence that IMSE can directly improve the sustainability during multiple steps of the product's life cycle.

Bio-based and recyclable electronics

The EU is increasing emphasis on the sustainability and circularity of all industries within the European Union. Reducing the amount of materials used, increasing the amount of recycled materials, Ecodesign and improvements in recycling for any product are few of the goals that the European Union is pushing towards. These requirements are often mirrored more ambitiously by industry, for example, automotive OEMs.

Utilizing bio-based or recycled plastics to manufacture IMSE can accelerate OEMs’ progress to their own goals, while meeting those set by governing bodies. Simultaneously reducing the amount of materials required and replacing conventional plastics with bio-based or recycled materials can significantly increase your environmental handprint. TactoTek is actively looking for and verifying bio-based and recycled plastics for use with IMSE.

Developing the recycling of electronic devices and vehicles alike is an important step toward reducing the environmental impact of any product. TactoTek is working together with global recycling companies and research centers to identify the best available and commercially viable methods for recycling IMSE parts to ensure that IMSE solutions are as environmentally friendly as possible throughout their lifecycle.

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Janne Jääskä
Janne Jääskä
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