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From One Department To Another

From One Department To Another

My name is Julia. I have been with TactoTek on and off for about five months now. I am originally from Vantaa, but I landed in Oulu six years ago and have never looked back. In my free time I, at least try to, do outdoor activities. I also love to photograph. At the present moment, studies occupy a large portion of my time. Nevertheless, I try to reserve time for my friends, and I also like to spend time alone in the Finnish nature.

I first joined TactoTek in September 2019 when I applied for a trainee position as an office assistant. I study International Business at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Now, I am doing my third year of studies. The studies include bits and pieces ranging from marketing to financial analysis. However, the focus is on the international approach. The studies are completely in English, which was a big factor why I applied for the degree. English has always come naturally to me. I wanted to push myself even further language-wise and use English on a day-to-day basis. In my point of view, this education gives a good ground to build on and offers possibilities to work in various fields of business. Currently, I am starting my thesis process and aiming to graduate in December 2020.

When I applied for my first position at TactoTek as an office assistant, I was advised to leave an open application on TactoTek’s career site. Next, the vice president of Human Resources contacted me for an interview. I had the interview with the HR department and later that day they informed me that I got the position! I was over the moon, since I had little to none previous work experience. This really proves that TactoTek gives opportunities to people, in whom they see potential.

During my professional training period I was impressed by the technology and people at TactoTek. After my training period ended, I immediately wanted to pursue a summer job. When I applied for the summer trainee position, I had an interview again with the HR department and a team member from Supply Chain Management. They asked me about my skills and the tasks I was interested in and what I expected of the position.

What are my working days like then? When I was an office assistant, my tasks were company-wide. I did everything from NDA processing to helping individuals with small tasks. You might even say my work was very dependent on other employees. Now for the summer, I am working in a whole different field inside the company, in the Sourcing team. I deal with material needs production-wise, handle outbound logistics and other supporting activities that my team needs. My typical working day usually starts by catching up on e-mails and delivery requests. Around noon, I usually start sending out packages. The rest of the day I spend with our ERP system, ordering materials and doing supporting tasks when needed. On Fridays, I am responsible for executing the weekly clean room inventory with our warehouse staff.

During COVID-19, the everyday activities have not changed that much. TactoTek has always provided the tools needed for remote working. It is more like a norm than an exception to be working remotely. Of course the number of employees physically at the office has decreased, but everything can be handled smoothly over video chats and using other online tools. Typically, I am at the office for most of the week since I have spent most of the spring at home distance learning. Finally, I can get out from my one-bedroom apartment. Due to the pandemic, TactoTek is offering precautions for its employees, for which I am grateful.

I would absolutely recommend TactoTek as a work place. Every day creates new opportunities and interesting tasks to do. It is a cliche, but at Tactotek, no one day is the same. Whatever you had planned for the day, it is guaranteed to change in a blink of an eye. TactoTek is a place, where you get to express yourself, show what you got and if you are up for the challenge. The company has wide cross-department cooperation and communication, you get to work with inspiring people and see the technology develop right in front of your eyes.

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