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Finding My Place To Learn And Prosper

Finding My Place To Learn And Prosper

My name is Giovanni and I joined TactoTek in September 2019 as injection molding specialist. I studied chemical engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy, and after my graduation in 2015, I got hired as an intern in the manufacturing team in Mista Spa, an automotive company based in the province of Asti. In this company I got in touch with injection molding for the first time, indeed, after this first contact the company gave me the possibility to enroll in the injection molding courses at the Italian Plastic Academy. After three years I had the opportunity to join the TE Connectivity in Turin and I decided to move to this bigger reality, where I immediately understood that the Italian job market and environment was not suitable for me anymore.

During those demotivational days I got in contact with TactoTek for an open position and, after a first call, I got my tickets to Oulu for my  ́ ́field test ́ ́. Before TactoTek I had already had some job interviews abroad, but in none of them had I seen the enthusiasm, the spirit of innovation and the knowledge concentration that characterize TactoTek as a company. The IMSE technology is so fascinating and challenging and it leads to think outside of the usual injection molding schemes and theory. Despite my experience with insert molding, I was anyway impressed by the complexity of the parts and all the attention they need in order to be molded properly.

When I received the final offer and decided to join TactoTek team, the HR team offered me all the support and help necessary facing my relocation and especially all the bureaucratic aspects of it. Furthermore, they are now actively helping my partner to find a job in the Oulu area. From the first day I really felt being a part of a big family, and most importantly, we are never alone to face daily issues. Being in contact with highly skilled people every day leads to improving yourself both from personal skills point of view and in the way of dealing with work challenges.

Oulu is a fast growing city and it is a perfect compromise between a peaceful life and the possibility to have all you need just right at your door. In a few months I have really seen more events here than in years in my last living area.

As Harley Davidson lover I hope to bring my Sportster 1200 here in Finland as soon as possible and to enjoy the ride through this amazing land.  

I am really enjoying living and working here, a great country where your job is not all your life but only a lovely part of it, and where it is normal to develop and grow new interests and hobbies.

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