Design, Manufacturing and a New Reference Design - The latest update to TactoTek® Online

Design, Manufacturing and a New Reference Design - The latest update to TactoTek® Online

It is time for the next major update to TactoTek® Online - version 2310 has been launched! With this release, we are launching the first Reference Design done by a third party: an automotive emblem by csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH. Additionally, we are providing our customers with a more detailed view into the manufacturing of IMSE® with new and updated content for production and testing in different manufacturing steps. We are also releasing design instructions on how to embed control electronics inside an IMSE part with the use of an IMSE® SiP or System in Package.

As highlights from the new version, our customers now have access to the following:

  • Honeycomb - an Automotive Emblem Reference Design done by our customer, csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH
  • IMSE® SiP Design Guide
  • IMSE® Manufacturing new content and updates

Honeycomb Reference Design - Showing the Power of the IMSE® Ecosystem

Honeycomb is a Reference Design aimed at the Automotive industry that demonstrates IMSE’s capabilities in an emblem application.

In the summer of 2023, during the last IMSE® Days, csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH demonstrated their capabilities of designing an IMSE part by utilizing the vast knowledge available in TactoTek Online and the know-how from an intense face-to-face training held at our headquarters. Their newfound capabilities have now manifested as the fourth addition to the Reference Design Library.

As with all of our Reference Designs, we provide information about the design workflow, choices made during the design process, and all of the necessary design files to set the stage for your own Emblem application.

The main features of Honeycomb are:

  • The Light Channels Technology Platform - zero light leakage and superior illumination performance
  • Automotive-standard mechanical fixings

We are more than excited to have started this journey with csi and cannot wait to provide you with more third-party Reference Designs.

Let Smart Surface™ with the IMSE® SiP

IMSE® SiP, or System in Package, is an integral part of TactoTek’s vision to make all surfaces smart, sensing, and capable of providing aesthetic and informative illumination. The SiP brings advanced MCUs and software inside an IMSE part and, thus, creates the basis for innovation in any number of applications.

As a part of this release, we are giving our licensees access to an IMSE® SiP Design Guide and other relevant information about the SiP to kick-start their journey of true electronics integration into smart surfaces.

From Design to Manufacture - A Holistic Approach

As a part of improving our product content, in this release, we are publishing an improved set of instructions and information about the manufacturing of IMSE. This package includes new and updated content such as:

  • Manufacturing Planning
  • Updates to film manufacturing and quality assurance
  • Manufacturing Documentation
  • and more!

A deeper understanding of the vital steps in manufacturing will help our customers transition from designing IMSE into mass production faster and with better results. The content for manufacturing is being constantly updated, and more detailed information about all of the manufacturing steps is coming in our next release - 2402, in four months.

Taking the Next Step

In conclusion, Version 2310 is a testament to the tireless dedication of our team and the relentless pursuit of innovation that defines TactoTek®. The introduction of the Honeycomb Reference Design, IMSE® SiP, and the enriched manufacturing content are just a glimpse of the exciting journey we are on. We look forward to the remarkable developments and innovations that the future holds as we continue to make the impossible possible with IMSE® technology. Stay tuned for Version 2402, where even greater revelations await.

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