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Amphenol ICC and TactoTek® create automotive grade in-mold connector for smart surfaces

Amphenol ICC and TactoTek® create automotive grade in-mold connector for smart surfaces

OULU, FINLAND/NASHUA, NH USA (31 March 2021) – TactoTek® (, the Finland-based company that develops and licenses in-mold structural electronics (IMSE®) technology, and Amphenol ICC (a division of Amphenol Corporation NYSE: APH, a leading global manufacturer of interconnect products, have announced that they are collaborating to develop automotive grade in-mold connectors for TactoTek IMSE technology.

IMSE parts integrate printed electronics and electronic components within 3D injection molded plastics. They combine structure, electronic functions, and cosmetics in single piece, seamless smart surfaces. TactoTek IMSE parts often connect to external system electronics or host systems.

“Standardized in-mold connectors further simplify integrating IMSE smart surfaces in all types of products, whether vehicles, appliances or smart home solutions,” noted Paavo Niskala, Senior VP Research & Development at TactoTek. “In addition, the Amphenol MicroSpace™ connector enables high speed, automated IMSE production processes for faster cycle times and high yields.”

Amphenol ICC is pleased to bring new technology products to our customers with transformational technologies like TactoTek’s IMSE combined with Amphenol ICC’s automotive grade MicroSpace™ connector platform and Duflex™ crimp technology. “By combining the technical expertise of TactoTek and Amphenol ICC, an innovative interconnect solution was created, which combines the compact LV214 severity-2 compatible MicroSpace™ connector family with the industry proven Duflex™ crimp technology. As a global leader in interconnect solutions, we continue to drive growth by accelerating transformational technologies like TactoTek’s IMSE with proven interconnect technology”, says Jerome Petit, Product Line manager at Amphenol ICC.

TactoTek develops and licenses IMSE technology. The company works directly with OEMs and brands to develop production-ready prototypes. Mass production is done by TactoTek licensees.

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Amphenol ICC, a division of Amphenol Corporation, is a world leader providing interconnect solutions for the Information, Communications and Commercial electronics markets. Amphenol ICC designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative connectors as well as cable assemblies for diverse applications including server, storage, data center, networking, industrial, business equipment and automotive markets. With global presence in R&D, manufacturing and sales, Amphenol ICC is well positioned to support customers wherever they operate.

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