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Reliable Smart Molded Structures

Reliable Smart Molded Structures

Reliable smart molded structures

IMSE® solutions are made by integrating and encapsulating printed electronics and standard electronic components within durable 3D injection-molded plastics. Part of the technology development is to ensure that electric components and materials, such as polymer substrates, functional inks, and surface mounting adhesives, form a reliable solution. The technology verification includes stringent reliability testing. The used tests are rapid change of temperature, high temperature ageing and steady-state temperature-humidity.

This white paper and additional testing case was presented at the European Microelectronics Packaging Conference, Sept 13-16, 2021:

  • IMSE technology verification test case: 3000 cycles of thermal cycling (-30 ℃ …. 80 ℃)
  • Thermal cycling did not change LED electrical or optical performance
  • Cross-section analysis of the thermally cycled LEDs showed that interconnections were intact
  • Overmolding strengthens IMSE structures and reduces plastic strain in the conductive adhesive during temperature cycling

The presentation was held by Outi Rusanen, Principal Interconnection Specialist at TactoTek.

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