Injection Molded Structural Electronics

Light, thin, mass produced, 3D smart molded structures

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Growing Demand Drives TactoTek Expansion

New location delivers increased production capacity, purpose-built facility for all IMSE manufacturing processes, and room to grow OULU, FINLAND (11 July 2017) – Today, TactoTek announced the opening of its new manufacturing and corporate headquarters facilities in...

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Take a Tour Through Our New Facilities

10 July 2017 - Field-leading IMSE products need field-leading development teams and facilities. Watch our video tour of our new home and see how we make innovation happen. Watch more videos on our Vimeo channel, and learn more about how we do things on the Technology...

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September 27 - September 28
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ITB Smart Automotive Surfaces 2017

October 11 - October 12
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TactoTek engineering team adapts customer designs into Injection Molded Structural Electronics solutions, and the vertically integrated production line optimizes them for mass production.

Use Cases


3D contoured electronics: thin, light, seamless. TactoTek innovations free Industrial Designers to reshape, restyle and reinvent vehicle electronics. Imagine the possibilities.

Home Appliances & Automation

Graceful curves, responsive touch and advanced connectivity in ultra-thin, highly integrated designs: Smart Molded Structures make elegant solutions.


Flexible, comfortable, durable and mass producible: TactoTek molds in intelligence that powers wearable technology.


Design freedom

Include new functions, create innovative shapes and add electronic functionality in new locations when traditional design constraints are eliminated.

Durability & protection

Encapsulating printed electronics and components within plastics seals systems from moisture and debris, and protects them from shock and vibration.

Space-saving technology

Our in-mold electronics have a typical wall thickness of 2-4mm, and do not require the depth of light pipes and full width PCBs.

Excellent touch performance

Deliver superior performance by locating touch sensors as close as 0.1mm from the user; systems can be designed for reliable use with leather gloves.

Light weight

TactoTek structures are molded using standard plastics and eliminate multiple structural elements found in typical electronics designs.

Simple assembly

TactoTek in-mold electronics integrate many electronic functions within cosmetic plastics which reduces the number of parts and simplifies assembly.

Want to learn more?

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Want to learn more?

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Technology & Manufacturing

TactoTek In-Mold Structural Electronics Manufacturing Process


Print decoration on in-mold labeling (IML) film


Print electronics on film: wiring, capacitive touch sensors and antennas


Surface mount electronic components on film


Thermoform film into 3D shape


Injection mold part using film insert

“Wearable Technology, the Internet of Things and other new applications of electronics cannot be adequately served by the 100 year old components-in-a-box approach.
Lightweight, shaped, rugged, structural construction, where TactoTek excels, is essential. It will be invaluable in electric vehicles for example.”

Dr Peter Harrop IDTechEx, author of the report
”Structural Electronics 2015-2025″

“We are pleased that TactoTek’s 3D design and manufacturing expertise, including integrating ICs, are helping to make in-mold electronics a reality.”

John Voultos, Global Business Development Leader
DuPont Advanced Materials (DuPont)

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