We collaborate with you to adapt your designs to injection molded structural electronics.

Partnering with Customer for Success – Collaborative Design

TactoTek’s in-mold structural electronics solution creates new design opportunities. Making optimal use of those capabilities comes from combining our customers’ market-specific knowledge and requirements with TactoTek’s structural electronics expertise. To accelerate customer success, TactoTek’s Product Creation Team works as your design partner to bring the advantages of structural electronics to your design concept.

TactoTek’s Product Creation Team does not design a complete product for you–our customers own their designs. Instead, we collaborate with customer teams to identify different approaches of meeting your design objectives using in-mold electronics, including whether doing so influences other design considerations.

Optimally, the Product Creation team’s involvement begins with early stages of defining product features and functionality, and they remain an active partner throughout prototyping and mass production to ensure that the final design can be produced efficiently to your standards.

TactoTek LightStripe™ is bright, even, dynamic RGB illumination

TactoTek ControlSurface™ technology integrates capacitive touch areas, illumination, and electronics within 3D plastic structures.

Manufacturing Capabilities

TactoTek has a full range of capabilities to take your initial design through proof-of-concept, rapid iterative prototyping, pilot production and mass production. TactoTek and our certified partners can provide a complete manufacturing solution, or we can partner with your existing suppliers to meet your supply chain requirements.

TactoTek in-house capabilities include:

  • Design optimization for in-mold electronics
  • Tooling and fixture design
  • Screen printing
  • Surface mount technology
  • 3D forming
  • Injection molding
  • Finishing
  • Assembly
  • Testing

TactoTek In-Mold Structural Electronics Manufacturing Process


Print decoration on in-mold labeling (IML) film


Print electronics on film: wiring, capacitive touch sensors and antennas


Surface mount electronic components on film


Thermoform film into 3D shape


Injection mold part using film insert

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