IMSE Designer™

Disruptive designs need disruptive tools. Enhance your company's design capabilities and learn how to design IMSE. TactoTek's IMSE Designer is an add-on module users can deploy inside their existing CAD and simulation tools. It enables IMSE part design with validated methods and materials, and provides reference designs in 3D format.

Design Guidelines

IMSE part construction differs significantly from that of traditional electronics and mechanics where there’s typically a PCBA that is integrated inside mechanics. In IMSE all elements of the design are realized within the same part, the film, which is first formed and then injection-molded. TactoTek design guidelines enable users to design beautiful products with unconventional 3D contours, but at the same time considering the functionality and mass-manufacturability of the part.

Reference Designs

Best starting point for IMSE is having straight-forward examples of functional designs. IMSE Designer features a library of 3D models for most typical design elements. The users can search and view reference designs based on their desired use case, and furthermore, integrate reference designs as part of their active assembly.

Validated Materials and Components

Typical IMSE part construction includes films, inks, electrical components, adhesives and dielectric materials. TactoTek material and component library provides users with validated data on individual materials and components along with examples of functional material stacks. It also considers the material and component characteristics needed to perform electromagnetic- and thermoforming simulations.

Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist!

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IMSE Designer commercial availability from 2019.

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